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Training Procedure

To become an approved volunteer to work in the Costa Lab, please complete the steps below.
(note:  everyone working with elephant seals needs to complete the "Fieldwork" section.  The "Labwork" section is only necessary if you plan to work in the Costa wet lab)

Fieldwork (all volunteers must complete these steps):
  1. Ask your field leader/PI to add you to the Ano Nuevo researcher list database.
  2. Complete the Volunteer Election of Worker's Compensation Form
  3. If you are a short-term volunteer (less than 3 months) and/or will always be working under DIRECT supervision of a field leader, please skip to step #5.
  4. If you are a long-term ( > 3 months) volunteer or field leader, request to be added to the Costa lab Eseal IACUC protocol
    1. If you have a UCSC affiliation:
      1. Email Patrick Robinson (patrick.robinson@ucsc.edufor enrollment in the Occupational Health Surveillance System.  This will involve a series of emails and forms for you to approve and fill out.  The last step involves a doctor approving your medical questionnaire.
      2. Complete the online CITI training:
        1. Please follow the detailed instructions on this website:  CITI Training Instructions  (note:  this is a lengthy process!)
      3. When you have completed the Occupational Health Surveillance forms and the CITI training, please email Patrick Robinson ( and request to be added to the IACUC as a full researcher/graduate student.
    2. If you do not have a UCSC affiliation:
      1. Please email Patrick Robinson ( and request to be added to the IACUC as a Collaborating Scientist.
  5. Carefully read the Ano Nuevo State Park Agreement to learn about the rules we must follow at the Ano Nuevo Reserve.
  6. Review this zoonotic disease website and look here for more information.
  7. Review how to report an injury and animal bite first aid.
  8. Email Patrick Robinson ( when you have completed all of these steps.
  9. Please verify that your name appears on this website before going to Ano Nuevo.

Labwork (only volunteers doing work in the Costa wet lab need to complete the following steps):
  1. If you are a new volunteer, please fill out the Volunteer Application.
  2. If you are a student/staff at UCSC, please skip this step and go to step 3.  If you do not have a UCSC email address, please contact (Patrick Robinson: and he will assist you with creating an account (Sundry Account Request).  Note: this will take several days to process.
  3. Check to see if you have access to the UC Learning Center website:
    1. If you can log in, skip to step 4.
    2. If you cannot log in, request access to the UC Learning Center via this web form.  When searching for the "Supervisor/Professor requiring training", please enter "Daniel Costa".  Note:  this will take several days to process.
  4. Complete the online safety training:
    1. Log in to the "learning center" website:  (please note that very few web browsers will work for this training)
    2. Complete the "UC Laboratory Safety Fundamentals" course
    3. Save a copy of the "Certificate of Completion" and send it to Patrick Robinson (  Please click here for an example certificate and instructions to access existing certificates.
  5. Complete the Volunteer Election of Worker's Compensation Form (skip if you have already completed this form above)
  6. Email Patrick Robinson ( to arrange a lab safety walkthrough.
  7. Complete the Lab Training Checklist
  8. Complete the Lab Safety Checklist
  9. Please check your status on this website and contact Patrick Robinson (  if you have any questions.