Ano Nuevo Island migratory bird disturbance



Patrick Robinson <patrick.robinson@ucsc.edu>

Apr 15

to permitsR8MB


My name is Patrick Robinson and I am the reserve manager for the Ano Nuevo Island Reserve, a University of California Natural Reserve that is owned by the State Park system. I conduct a variety of research activities on the island and there is occasionally the need to disturb small numbers of breeding migratory birds (e.g. cormorants). For example, disturbance could occur when anesthetizing elephant seals to recover satellite tags and time-depth recorders. I am hopeful you can advise me whether a disturbance permit is necessary (with respect to the migratory bird act) and, if so, which form I should use. (I attempted to find a "disturbance" form on the permit section of the website, but could not find anything that seemed appropriate).

Thank you for your assistance with this! (and please let me know if I should re-direct this email to a different individual).



Patrick W. Robinson, Ph.D.

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Migratory Bird Permits, FW8 permitsr8mb@fws.gov via ucsc.edu (sent by edward_owens@fws.gov)

Apr 16

to Patrick


You do not need a permit to disturb migratory birds, as long as they are not a T&E species or GOEA or BAEA.




Edward Owens

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