Año Nuevo Nissan Leaf

Año Nuevo Reserve has a dedicated all-electric car (Gray 2017 Nissan Leaf #7369) for transportation between UCSC and Año Nuevo Reserve. Funding was provided by the UCSC Carbon Fund and the Monterey Bay Air Resources District with the primary goal of reducing carbon emissions while providing transportation to undergraduate students using Año Nuevo Reserve for research or teaching. Funding for ongoing maintenance is provided by Año Nuevo Reserve.

Año Nuevo Reserve Nissan Leaf (7369)

Checkout procedure:

  1. Only trained/authorized drivers are allowed to drive the Año Nuevo Nissan Leaf or sign-up in the google calendar. Contact Patrick Robinson (patrick.robinson@ucsc.edu)

  2. See prioritization list below - morning trips to Año Nuevo Reserve will be common. For other uses, please try to schedule the car in the afternoon/evening.

  3. Always sign-out the car in the google calendar prior to use and include your Name, Destination, and Purpose. (Please be sure to select the correct calendar and not your personal google calendar!)

  4. The car lives in the paved Conservation Annex parking lot.

  5. The key lives in a combo box at the Natural Reserves trailer (conservation annex).

  6. Prior to departing, please unplug the car from the charger and place the charger in the plastic tub. (Be sure it is latched so it does not collect rain!)

  7. After returning, please plug the charger into the car and ensure charging has started.

  8. If charging does not start automatically, the circuit breaker may need to be re-set. Please see Patrick Robinson for instructions.

  9. The range of the car is small (realistically ~80 miles max round-trip on a full charge)... plan accordingly and do not assume it is fully charged when you start!

  10. The Año Nuevo equal access road is in very poor condition, please drive slowly and avoid the deep holes.

  11. If you get into an accident, please refer to the information in the glove box.

  12. Tip: to get a few more miles out of the battery (1) turn off climate control, (2) turn on “eco mode” (button on the steering wheel) and (3) drive slow (<50 mph)

  13. Charging off-site is possible, but often costs money and is time-consuming. Find charging stations using: https://www.plugshare.com/

  14. Complete the mileage log located inside the car. This is a requirement of the grant that funded the purchase of the vehicle!

  15. Upon return, immediately charge the car and return the key so it is ready for the next user.

  16. Keep the inside of the car clean (remove trash, vacuum, etc. as needed)

  17. Please remember that the speed limit between Santa Cruz and Año Nuevo is 55mph

  18. Please report any problems to Patrick Robinson (patrick.robinson@ucsc.edu, 831-708-8094)

Requests for use will be prioritized as follows:

  1. Undergraduate research at Año Nuevo Reserve

  2. Undergraduate teaching activities at Año Nuevo Reserve

  3. Graduate research at Año Nuevo Reserve

  4. General research/teaching/support at Año Nuevo Reserve

  5. Transportation of grad students for seminars on main campus