Island To-Do

Bring people to island:


Boat training:

  • Rachel Holser

  • Stan Kopacz

Short term:

    • swap memory cards/batteries in trail cameras

    • clean all cameras/solar panels

  • put plywood over entrance to catwalk to block sea lion access

    • replace or repair window in the smaller of the two 17 blinds.

    • Make comments on the "ANI field station protocol" drafted by Oikonos


    • Repair siding (especially outside corner of generator room)

    • Fix spawling on blockhouse


  • A new hasp for closing the outhouse door.

  • Put a ventilated cover on the built-in hole in the east wall of the blockhouse

  • Fix the frame for the front door of the blockhouse

  • 17-west blind: either move back from cliff edge or take apart and store inside.

  • -DONE- Gutter cleanout in the "V" of the front of the foghorn building

  • Attach drain pipe to gutter above main entrance to foghorn building and route onto the beach.

  • Move mattresses, elevate, and cover

  • Check fix of upper window in foghorn building

  • Generator maintenance/repair